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2023-03-22 23:02:25 By : Ms. Lin Li

Borealis announces capability to produce recycled PE for use in wire & cable, infrastructure industries. #sustainability #polyolefins

Austria-based Borealis announced the capability of its proprietary Borcycle C chemical recycling process to recycle crosslinked PE, such as XLPE and PE-X, into recycled PE. The recycled PE is suitable for the manufacture of new XLPE and PE-X for use in the wire & cable and infrastructure industries. Cable Coil Packing Machine

Chemical Recycling Process for Crosslinked PE  |               Plastics Technology

XLPE can be used to insulate low voltage electrical cables. Photo Credit: Borealis

XLPE offers cost effectiveness and installation flexibility when used in cable networks. PE-X is used in plumbing and heating pipes, with better chemical resistance and durability than conventional materials. However, until recently it has been difficult to recycle these materials into a product that can be returned to these high-performance applications.

In a series of tests conducted by Borealis, XLPE and PE-X waste were pretreated and then fed into the Borcycle C pyrolysis process. The resulting material was analyzed and determined to be suitable for use as cracker feedstock in the production of new ethylene.

Grades in the Borcycle C portfolio of circular polyolefins are ISCC Plus certified according to the mass balance methodology. The mass balance methodology tracks the amount of circular feedstock used in blended material. 

Last year, Borealis announced a partnership to use renewable natural resources to create PEX pipe.

Cox Enterprises becomes majority owner of Nexus Circular.

Pactiv Evergreen and Amsty announced a collaboration that will bring ISCC plus certified product into select food packaging.

Alterra Energy announced its technology will be licensed by Freepoint Holdings for a future processing facility.

Chemical Recycling Process for Crosslinked PE  |               Plastics Technology

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